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Do the Cops talk to DCF in Connecticut?

Do Police Officers Report to DCF in Connecticut?
  • Connecticut laws require any “mandated” reporter to report suspected child neglect or abuse to the Department of Children and Families.
  • Police officers are mandated reporters in Connecticut.
  • You have the right to be represented by an experienced DCF defense lawyer throughout a Connecticut DCF investigation.
  • If Connecticut DCF is investigating you or your family, get in touch with a top DCF defense lawyer.

DCF Investigation lawyers in Connecticut will tell you that Connecticut’s Department of Children & Families is always active. Even during a pandemic like COVID-19, DCF is actively screening new reports and launching new investigations. Mandated reporters, like police officers throughout Connecticut, continue to submit reports to DCF.

Are Police Officers DCF Mandated Reporters in Connecticut?

Yes. Connecticut mandated reporter laws cover a long list of people, including all school employees, health professionals, childcare workers, and police officers. Essentially, these groups of people are required to make a report to DCF if they have a suspicion of child abuse or neglect. In other words, they don’t need to be able to prove it – it’s enough for them to think it might be occurring.

Do Police Officers Make Reports to Connecticut DCF?

Yes. Connecticut’s mandated reporter laws are strict. In fact, it’s a crime for a mandated reporter to suspect child abuse or neglect and fail to report it. Because of this, police officers and other mandated reporters will err on the side of caution and report any potential abuse or neglect so that DCF can conduct an investigation.

What do Police Officers Report to DCF?

Top DCF and criminal defense lawyers in Connecticut will tell you that police make DCF reports for a wide range of incidents. For example, if you’re arrested for Assault involving your child, Risk of Injury to a Minor / Child Endangerment, or Leaving your Child Unsupervised in a Car, then you can expect the cops to tell DCF. But even if you’re investigated or arrested for something that does not directly involve you kids – like fighting with your spouse while your kids are home – police will still notify DCF.

Can I Prevent the Cops from Reporting me to DCF?

Most likely not. Mandated reporter laws are extremely strict, and it’s unlikely that anybody will take the risk of failing to submit a report. However, if DCF accepts the report, an experienced DCF defense lawyer can help you through the entire investigation process.

What Happens after Connecticut DCF gets a Report?

Once DCF gets a report of suspected child abuse or neglect, it will first screen it. If it accepts the report, then you can expect to be contacted by a DCF social worker. The first contact might be a phone call, or it might be them showing up at your door and wanting to come inside and see your children. If you’re contacted by DCF, politely tell them you’d like to speak with an attorney before speaking to them. Then, contact a top DCF attorney who can make sure that your rights are protected throughout the entire process.

Get in Touch with an Experienced Connecticut DCF Defense Lawyer Today

A Connecticut DCF investigation into you and your family is stressful. It’s overwhelming to have a stranger who works for the government wanting to come into your home. If you’re being investigated, get a team of DCF defense lawyers with years of experience who can get your investigation closed as quickly as possible. Check out our hundreds of reviews from past clients here. Then give us a call at (203) 569-3599.

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