Hiring a Connecticut DCF Investigation Attorney

If the Connecticut Department of Children and Families has reached out to you about a child abuse investigation, it’s natural to be intimidated and confused. You might not know what led to this point or what to do from there.

A top Connecticut DCF lawyer can help you navigate the DCF process and advocate on your behalf every step of the way.

How Do I Find a Connecticut DCF Attorney?

Finding a lawyer can be daunting but it does not have to be. A simple Google search will uncover many Connecticut lawyers who can help with a DCF matter. It is important to hire a lawyer who will work tirelessly on your case to get you the best possible outcome as well as one who has worked on DCF cases before. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Mark Sherman are available 24/7 to take your call and set up a consultation.

Is a Connecticut DCF Lawyer Expensive?

DCF cases are always fact specific, and can sometimes be lengthy. The volume and skill of work required to successfully handle a DCF matter will have a large impact on the price of representation. The team of DCF attorneys at the Law Offices of Mark Sherman are willing to work with you and your family to find a payment option that works for you.

What Can a Lawyer do for me during a Connecticut DCF Investigation?

Once DCF begins an investigation, they will want to speak to you, your family, your children, and other people in your children’s lives like teachers, extended family, and even friends. A DCF attorney can make sure you are forthcoming and helpful in the investigatory process without sacrificing any of your rights or answering questions that could come back to bite you in the future.

Additionally, a top DCF lawyer attorney can gather evidence to present to DCF to show that the allegations are baseless and do not warrant substantiation. To learn more about DCF investigations, click here.

How Do I Appeal DCF Allegations have been Substantiated Against Me?

If DCF substantiates allegations of child abuse and/or child neglect against you, any of the best Connecticut DCF appeal lawyers and attorneys can help you appeal those findings at a hearing. A substantiation appeal hearing happens at a DCF office in front of a hearing officer. An attorney will be present who represents DCF and they will put on witnesses to explain why the allegations should be substantiated. You have rights at a hearing of this nature, and a lawyer can help you assert those rights by gathering up witnesses and evidence of your own to show that the allegations should not be substantiated.

Time is of the essence in preserving information and even in asserting some rights, so contacting an attorney as early as possible is advisable. Click here to learn more about a substantiation appeal hearing.

How Can a Lawyer help during a Neglect Petition?

If a neglect petition has been filed in a Connecticut juvenile court, you and your child are entitled to legal representation. If you decide to contest the allegations and proceed to trial, a DCF attorney who knows the ins and outs of the petition process can help successfully navigate you through it to a positive outcome. Call today to learn more.

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