Appealing a Connecticut DCF Neglect Petition

If you are unsatisfied after a neglect petition in Connecticut Juvenile Court, you may be able to file for an appeal. A lawyer can be of great help in understanding the intricacies of a child protection appeal and can be your advocate every step of the way. Call to learn more about appealing a Connecticut DCF neglect petition.

What are the Potential Outcomes of a Neglect Petition?

Following a neglect petition, the juvenile court may order one of a few things. Your child can be allowed to stay home either with or without DCF supervision, your child may be placed in the custody of another person, DCF may take custody of your child, or the action can be dismissed.

How Do I Appeal a DCF Child Abuse Neglect Substantiation?

If you have had abuse or neglect allegations substantiated against you, or if you have been recommended for the Central Registry, you may request an internal review. To avail yourself of this you must request it in writing no later than 30 days from the date of the finding of abuse/neglect. An internal review is conducted by DCF. Most importantly, you should always hire a top Connecticut DCF Appeal lawyer to assist you and your family.

After an internal review, if you are still unsatisfied, you may request an administrative hearing. Similar to an internal review, this must be requested in writing no later than 30 days after receipt of the decision of the internal review.

What Happens at a DCF Administrative Hearing?

An impartial hearing officer resides over the hearing. Both the agency and the individual seeking the hearing are allowed to present evidence. While you are allowed to be represented by counsel, the agency has no requirement to appoint you an attorney if you cannot afford one.

The child or children at the center of the hearing are not allowed to testify if they are still minors. The proceeding will be audio recorded. The department has the burden of proving the allegations by a fair preponderance of the evidence.

Should I Hire a Connecticut DCF Neglect Petition Appeal Attorney?

Hiring a lawyer can be great help during the stressful time of preparing for a DCF neglect petition appeal. They can help you gather evidence, find witnesses, and analyze DCF’s paperwork to build a strong defense. To learn more about appealing a Connecticut DCF neglect petition, call Mark Sherman Law.

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