Fighting Placement on the DCF Central Registry in Connecticut

If you have been placed on the Connecticut DCF Central Registry, a good first step is to hire a top Connecticut DCF lawyer who can help advocate for your rights and work to keep your name off the list.

What is the DCF Central Registry?

The Connecticut Department of Children & Families (DCF) maintains a central registry of individuals against whom allegations of abuse or neglect have been substantiated. This includes their basic identifying information, as well as information about their involvement with DCF and any substantiated cases of abuse or neglect they have been involved in. Not all who have allegations substantiated are placed on this list, but DCF may recommend it when they see fit.

Who is Recommended for Placement on the DCF Central Registry?

When sexual abuse is substantiated, the individual is automatically recommended for placement on the Central Registry. For all other allegations, DCF looks to see if the individual poses a risk to the health, safety, and well being of children. They pay special attention to the intent of the individual, the severity of the impact on the child, and the chronicity of the conduct. Because these criteria are subjective, people may be recommended for placement that should not in fact be placed on the list. That is where an attorney can help in gathering evidence to refute the recommendation and show that you should not be placed on the registry.

Who Can See Connecticut’s DCF Central Registry?

The DCF Central Registry is not publicly available. The information is available to DCF employees for use in investigations, background checks, and other various uses permitted by the law. This could include potential employment background checks and educator and athletic coach volunteer background checks. The information on the registry includes identifying information like name, age, gender, and address, your case name and number, the date of the investigation, and the substantiated allegations.

How Can I Fight and Appeal Placement on the DCF Central Registry?

After receiving notice of DCF’s recommendation for your placement on the registry, you must file an appeal within a certain amount of time, similar to an appeal for substantiation findings. In preparation for an appeal you should be able to point to specific reasons as to why you should not be placed on the registry. Any of the best DCF appeal lawyers can help you to understand what DCF is looking for most and help you craft a defense that can protect your name and reputation. To learn more about the appeals process, click here.

Let a DCF Attorney Help You Fight Placement on the Central Registry

A Connecticut DCF attorney can help gather evidence, find witnesses, and work to show the fact finder why you should not be placed on the central registry. The quicker this is done, the better, because as time goes on evidence can disappear and memories can fade. If you are being investigated by DCF, or you have received notice of a recommendation for placement on the DCF Central Registry, call Mark Sherman Law today.

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