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Finally a Lifeline For Families Being Harassed by DCF

The Connecticut Department of Children and Families (more commonly known in this State as “DCF”) is out of control. It’s CYA all the way with this agency. They are knocking on doors unannounced, intruding on the privacy of thousands of Connecticut families, and pulling kids out of classrooms to interrogate kids without informing their parents.

What’s even worse is their heavy-handed rhetoric and playbook---they flash their law enforcement muscle and routinely threaten hard-working Connecticut families with that they “could” do to your family if their “supervisor” or “team” does not believe you and your family are being compliant.

You Always Have a Right to a DCF Investigation Attorney

Many Connecticut law firms don’t like dealing with DCF.

You know why? Because there are no rules in a DCF investigation. It’s essentially a street fight where families are forced to bring a proverbial lemon to a knife fight.

After 20 years of defending families in DCF investigations, we finally found DCF’s blind spot: knowing your legal rights to have an attorney by your side, for all stages of your Connecticut DCF abuse and neglect investigation.

Fighting DCF Investigations

24/7 lawyer assistance starting as soon as DCF investigators knock on your door

Served with a Neglect Petition?

Neglect petition defense in all Connecticut courts

DCF Substantiation & Central Registry Appeals:

Reverse unfair & biased neglect & abuse decisions against your family

DCF Defense FAQs
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  • 35,000 Approximate DCF abuse / neglect calls per year
  • 25+ Years of collective DCF investigative experience
  • 350+ DCF Families protected from DCF by our firm since 2003
We’ve Had Enough of DCF’s Playbook
of Intimidation, Bullying & Scare Tactics

Here’s what DCF will tell you they can do:

  • Initiate removal proceedings
  • File a neglect petition
  • Place your children in foster care
  • Provide information to police to have you arrested for felony Risk of Injury

Here’s what DC will not explain: that you have a right to not let DCF into your home, a right to an attorney by your side during at all stages of your Connecticut DCF investigation, and a right to negotiate or refuse to sign their safety plans and service agreements.

That’s why we have gathered data, advice and information from all of the best Connecticut DCF investigation attorneys and published this website. Know and exercise your parental rights. Say no to DCF when appropriate. Take control of your family’s narrative.

Experience. Compassion. Results.

The team of experienced, relentless and aggressive DCF lawyers at the Mark Sherman Law Firm understands the delicate intersection of criminal law, juvenile protection law, and family law that arises in a DCF investigation. We will protect your family from law enforcement, and carefully and compassionately negotiate with DCF any proposed DCF service agreement or safety plan.

So if you’ve been contacted with by Connecticut DCF investigators, call The Mark Sherman Law Firm today to understand your rights and protect you and your family from over-reaching DCF investigators.


Since 2003, the DCF attorneys at Mark Sherman Law have been defending families in Connecticut DCF investigations and Family Assessment Response cases. The Firm has extensive experience in child protection and criminal justice law, and appreciates the interplay between DCF investigations and State and federal criminal prosecutions. As one of the biggest criminal and DCF law firms in the State, the Firm has received national, state and local recognition for its work in child protection, and most importantly, its results for its clients. The Firm treats every case, whether big or small, with compassion, diligence and care. The Firm does not let DCF investigators and attorneys steamroll their clients into compliance.

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I found Mark Sherman after doing an extensive search for DCF attorneys on the internet. He is without a doubt the most honest and straightforward attorney I have ever met. Rather than trying to push us towards an expensive engagement he quickly addressed our issue with a recommended course of action. My wife and I left his office feeling much better and confident in our situation. His fee was well worth the investment and I highly recommend his services. Robert E.
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