Leaving the State of Connecticut During a DCF Investigation

  • DCF investigates allegations of sexual abuse and neglect against minors.
  • There are no restriction to you travelling during the investigation.
  • If you move out of state, Connecticut DCF may refer your case to your new home state.
  • Get a top Connecticut DCF attorney to represent you during a DCF investigation and let you know what your rights are.

Who is Connecticut DCF?

Connecticut DCF is short for Department of Children and Families. DCF is a Connecticut agency in charge of investigating reports of abuse and neglect against minors.

What Does Connecticut DCF Do?

Connecticut DCF opens investigations based on oral and written reports of suspected abuse and/or neglect. Abuse and neglect includes physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical neglect, medical neglect, emotional neglect, and moral neglect. At the end of their investigation they substantiate or unsubstantiated the allegations. DCF also maintains a registry of people they deem to be a risk to children.

How Long is a Connecticut DCF Investigation?

A DCF investigation must start within 1-3 days (depending on the severity of the allegations). It must be closed within 45 days. However, the top Connecticut DCF attorneys will tell you that if DCF still thinks your children are in danger at the end of the investigation, they will transfer your case to ongoing services.

Will the Police Also Be Involved?

Yes. DCF and the police often work hand in hand. They share information and investigate the case together. To learn more about simultaneous police and DCF investigations, click here.

Are DCF Investigations Public Record?

No. DCF investigations and reports are confidential under Connecticut law with an exception if you work for a school or care for children.

Will DCF Communicate With My Employer?

If Connecticut DCF is investigating while you are a school employee or work caring for children, they must tell your employer.

Can I Travel While My DCF Case is Pending?

Yes, there is no restriction on traveling while your case is pending. However, DCF may try to impose restrictions on your ability to travel with your children. Never sign any paperwork from DCF without first contacting any of the best Connecticut DCF lawyers. This especially includes safety plans or other types of agreements.

Can I Move to a Different State While DCF is Investigating?

Yes, you can move. However, moving does not mean you can just avoid the investigation. If the allegations against you are serious enough, Connecticut DCF will refer the case to your new home state. This will start a new investigation in that state.

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