Length of a Connecticut DCF Investigation

  • DCF investigates allegations of sexual abuse and neglect against minors.
  • These investigations being within 24 to 72 hours of the initial complaint, depending on the seriousness of the allegations.
  • DCF investigations can last up to 45 days.
  • Get a top Connecticut DCF attorney to represent you during a DCF investigation and protect you from unwarranted intrusions.

Who is Connecticut DCF?

DCF stands for Department of Children and Families. They are a Connecticut agency in charge of investigating reports of abuse and neglect against minors.

How do Connecticut DCF Investigations Start?

Connecticut DCF investigations begin when someone makes a report. That report can be to the DCF hotline or it could be a written report.

What Exactly Does DCF Investigate?

Connecticut DCF specifically investigates allegations of child abuse and neglect. The term of art “Abuse and neglect” includes physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical neglect, medical neglect, emotional neglect, and moral neglect. DCF can investigate just one of these or all of these at the same time.

How Quickly Must an Investigation Be Opened?

Depending on the allegations, Connecticut DCF has to open an investigation within 24 – 72 hours. More serious allegations require more immediate response times.

How Long Does a Connecticut DCF Investigation Last?

A Connecticut DCF investigation must be closed within 45 days. These cases are concluded with DCF either substantiating or unsubstantiating the allegations. The top Connecticut DCF attorneys will fight for you throughout the investigation help you get in front of it as soon as possible and try to prevent a substantiation finding.

What is the DCF Central Registry?

The DCF Central Registry is a list of names of people who DCF finds pose a continuing risk to the health or well being of children. This list is consulted by employers, sports teams, and schools and could affect your job search.

Is Substantiation Different From Being Placed on the Central Registry?

Yes. A substantiation does not mean you will automatically get placed on the registry. You can be substantiated against but not placed on the Central Registry. However, you cannot be placed on the Central Registry without DCF substantiating the allegations against you.

Can I Appeal a Substantiation Finding?

Yes. You can appeal the substantiation finding and placement on the registry. Contact any of the top Connecticut DCF attorneys to evaluate your options.

Will the Police Be Involved?

Typically yes. DCF will report their investigation the police and they will assist each other and share evidence. To learn more about simultaneous police and DCF investigations, click here.

Call a Connecticut DCF Attorney to Learn More About the Investigation Process

Having DCF at your door can be an overwhelming and scary experience. Once they enter your life, it is hard to get them to leave. Read from our hundreds of certified Avvo.com reviews. Then call the Mark Sherman Law today for helpful information including the length of a Connecticut DCF investigation.

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