DCF Contacting Children in Connecticut

  • DCF investigates allegations of sexual abuse and neglect against minors.
  • DCF can and will show up unannounced to your home.
  • DCF can interview your children without you present, either at home or school.
  • Get a top Connecticut DCF attorney to represent you and protect you from DCF’s privacy invasions.

Can DCF Just Show Up Unannounced?

Yes, and DCF agents prefer to. This is meant to catch you off guard and prevent you from tidying up your home to give DCF a false impression. DCF agents want access to your home when you are not expecting them so they can get a true picture of your home environment.

Will Connecticut DCF Talk to My Child without Me Present in the Interview Room?

DCF can request you leave the room during their interview with your child. The rationale is that if you are truly abusing them, the child will not be honest if you are standing over them. You can, however, still object to leave the room but it’s better to have your top Connecticut DCF attorney can stay with your child during the interview and stop the interview if your child gets upset.

What is Connecticut DCF?

Connecticut Department of Children and Families is a Connecticut agency in charge of investigating reports of abuse and neglect against minors. Their process includes inspecting your home, interviewing your children, and trying to put rules in place to keep your children safe.

Why is DCF Investigating Me?

Connecticut DCF investigations start when someone makes a report, either because they are mandated by law or because they feel your children are in danger. If DCF accepts the report, they have to open an investigation within 24 to 72 hours. Reports are often made by the police in relation to a domestic violence arrest. For more information about Connecticut domestic violence crimes, click here.

What is DCF investigating?

Connecticut DCF investigates physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical neglect, medical neglect, emotional neglect, and moral neglect. DCF can investigate just one of these or all of these at the same time.

Can DCF Talk to My Child Without My Permission?

Yes. If DCF believes the child lives in your home and they have a reason to suspect your presence will influence the child, DCF agents can go to your child’s school without you knowing, pull your child out of class, and question them.

What Do DCF Workers Look for In a Home?

DCF agents are looking for a safe sleeping space for your child, alcohol, drugs, cleanliness, and any other signs of abuse and neglect.

How Does a Connecticut DCF Investigation End?

A Connecticut DCF investigation must be closed within 45 days. These cases are concluded with DCF either substantiating or unsubstantiating the allegations. If DCF substantiates against you, you are entitled to appeal. Click here to find out more about DCF appeals.

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