Stopping Connecticut DCF Investigators From Speaking to Your Children at School

  • Connecticut has a list of “mandated” DCF reporters, who are required to report suspected child abuse or neglect to DCF.
  • All Connecticut school employees are mandated reporters.
  • Any of the best DCF attorneys may be able to help your family communicate with the school.
  • If you’re being investigated by Connecticut DCF, contact a top DCF defense attorney for help.

Teachers and School Employees are Mandated DCF Reporters

Experienced Connecticut DCF investigation attorneys know that the Department of Children & Families remains active. Even during times of COVID-19 quarantine and virtual learning, teachers are still required to – and are – making reports to the Connecticut Department of Children & Families of any suspected child abuse or neglect.

DCF Investigators Always Have the Right to Talk to Your Kids at any Connecticut Public School

If Connecticut DCF investigators believe your child is being abused at home, they will likely try and interview your child at a Connecticut public or private school. The law requires public schools to let the DCF investigators into the building and speak to your child with another school administrator in the room (subject to confidentiality laws). Private schools may not be as cooperative.

What is a Mandated Reporter for Connecticut DCF?

Connecticut has broad “mandated reporter” laws, which require certain people to make a report to DCF anytime they have reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or neglect. In fact, it’s a crime if they don’t make that report. Mandated reporter laws in Connecticut apply to all school employees, which include not only teachers and principals, but also social workers, guidance counselors, most coaches, substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, and administrators.

Can I Stop the School From Making a DCF Report Against Me?

In most cases, no. With mandated reporter laws being so strict, no teacher wants to take the chance of not reporting. And, if you intentionally and unreasonably interfere with or prevent a report, you could even be arrested. However, experienced DCF attorneys can represent families and may be able to work with both the school and DCF to help prevent any future miscommunication.

What can Teachers Report to DCF?

Teachers are required to report any suspicions of emotional neglect or abuse, physical neglect or abuse, or sexual abuse. So, if your child’s teacher sees any potential signs, including unexplained injuries or marks on your child’s body, significant behavioral changes, a high rate of absenteeism, or even delinquent behavior, they will likely be required to submit a report to DCF within 12 hours.

What Does Connecticut DCF do With a Report?

Once Connecticut DCF receives a report on its careline, it will decide whether to accept it. If DCF finds that there is reasonable cause to believe abuse or neglect has occurred, or that a child is in danger, it will launch an immediate investigation into you and your family. DCF’s response time will depend on the nature of the allegations, but you can expect DCF to show up at your door or call you within 72 hours.

Can I sue the School for Making a DCF Report?

Not if the report is made in good faith. So, if the school employee had reasonable cause to believe or suspect abuse/neglect, they are immune from any civil or criminal liability, even if they were wrong.

What if the School makes a False DCF Report against me?

If a school employee knowingly makes a false report of abuse or neglect – meaning that they know you have not engaged in any abuse or neglect but make a report anyway – then not only do they lose their immunity, but they can be arrested for making a false report.

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