DCF Contacting Employers in Connecticut

  • If you work with children, it’s legal for DCF to tell you employer that you are under investigation, even if you’re innocent.
  • If you’re a teacher being investigated by Connecticut DCF, you will likely be placed on administrative leave while the investigation takes place.
  • Even if the investigation against you yields nothing, there is no requirement that your file be expunged.
  • Hire a top Connecticut DCF investigation attorney to help protect your job and fight against DCF’s investigation.

What Does Connecticut DCF do?

The Department of Children and Families, also known as DCF, is a Connecticut agency in charge of investigating allegations of abuse and neglect against children.

Will DCF Tell My Employer What I’m Being Accused of?

If Connecticut DCF opens an investigation into you while you are working for a school or a job that cares for children, DCF must tell your employer. In addition, Connecticut General Statutes § 17a-101g states that DCF must tell the Board of Education or the agency that licensed your employer about the investigation.

How Long Does a Connecticut DCF Investigation Last?

Normally a Connecticut DCF investigation lasts 45 days but if you are a school employee it must be completed within 33 business days. To learn more about the process of a DCF investigation click here.

What if DCF Substantiates the Allegations Against Me?

If DCF substantiates the allegations against you, they will have 5 business days to tell your employer. You employer is then required to suspend you with pay for the duration of your appeal.

What About My Education Certification?

If you are suspended from your school because of a Connecticut DCF substantiation, your school is required to tell the Connecticut State Board of Education about it. The Board of Education can then take steps to revoke or suspend your Connecticut teaching certification and licensure.

Will the Police be Involved?

Most likely. DCF will usually inform the police of any child abuse allegations against you and they will also investigate. This will occur simultaneously with the DCF investigation and your suspension. The best Connecticut DCF investigation attorneys know how to prioritize these issues and mount an aggressive defense.

Will I Ever be Able to Work as a Teacher Again?

That depends. Connecticut General Statute § § 17a-101i states if you also convicted of a convicted of a crime involving an act of child abuse or neglect or certain sexual assault crimes, you can never be hired by a board of education again.

If the Allegations are Unsubstantiated Will My Employee File be Expunged?

Probably not. There is no requirement that your employer remove all mention of the investigation, even if you are cleared. There was a proposed amendment to the law to require that expungement, but it never passed. So as it is, a DCF investigation can follow you for a long time.

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