Connecticut DCF Taking Children During an Investigation

When DCF shows up at your door, a few questions come up: Why are they here? What happens next? Can Connecticut DCF take my children away during an investigation?

Any of the best  DCF investigation attorneys can help answer those questions and more, while advocating for your rights along the way.

When Can DCF Take My Kids Away and Put Them in Foster Care?

There are several circumstances under which DCF can remove kids from their home. The first situation is an Order of Temporary Custody or as it’s colloquially known, a 96-hour hold.

DCF can execute a 96-hour hold without the approval of a judge, but only under certain statutorily proscribed circumstances. DCF must have probable cause to believe that the child is in imminent risk of physical harm and removal is necessary to ensure the child’s safety. This can be due to the actions or inactions of a caretaker or due to the state of the home.

If DCF serves you with a 96-hour hold, it is important to know that they cannot keep your child for more than 96-hours without a court order from a Connecticut Superior Court Judge.

Can a Connecticut Court Order My Kids Into Foster Care?

Yes. After a neglect petition, which you can learn more about here, a court can order the removal of the child. This can be on a temporary or a permanent basis. The child can be removed into DCF custody or into the custody of another family member. The court does not take this decision lightly and will only do it if it determines it is in the best interests of the child.

What Happens After my Kids are Removed?

Provided that there is no termination of parental rights, after a child is removed the parents can seek to have their child returned home, this process is known as reunification. Contact our team to learn more.

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