Defending Connecticut Day Care Centers in DCF Investigations

  • Daycare operators in Connecticut must comply with the Office of Early Childhood Education and all DCF laws.
  • Certain OEC Employees are mandated reporters and must report instances of suspected child abuse.
  • DCF can launch into daycare facilities that could lead to substantiations, placement on the child abuse registry, or worse.
  • If you suspect that DCF is going to investigate you or your daycare facility, contact a top DCF Day Care Defense lawyer today.

What is the Difference between OEC and DCF?

The Connecticut Office of Early Childhood Education (OEC) is a Connecticut department tasked with controlling the licensing and operation of childcare facilities all across the state. Childcare facilities, whether they be family childcare homes, group childcare homes, childcare centers, or youth camps must be licensed by OEC to operate.

The Department of Children and Families (DCF), on the other hand, is a Connecticut department tasked with safeguarding children across the state by investigating instances of child abuse and neglect.

When will Connecticut DCF Agents Investigate a Daycare Facility?

DCF opens investigations after receiving reports of suspected child abuse or neglect. Certain professionals are designated mandated reporters, including certain workers for OEC. After receiving word of alleged child abuse or neglect at a daycare facility, DCF will get involved and run an investigation.

Additionally, investigations into childcare facilities can come after an arrest. To learn more about Connecticut Daycare Center Arrests, click here.

What are the Potential Outcomes from a Daycare DCF Investigation?

A DCF investigation can end with a decision to dismiss or substantiate allegations. If allegations are substantiated, you may also be recommended for placement on the DCF Central Childcare Registry. These decisions can be appealed, but there are important timeframes to meet to do so effectively. Further, day care providers can expect to hear from OEC licensing with an order to cease services. To learn more about the process of a DCF investigation, click here.

How Can I Defend Against a Daycare DCF Investigation?

Childcare providers are in a precarious position because the kids come to them in the morning and leave to go home every night. If you’ve been contacted by OEC or DCF regarding allegations of child abuse, it is wise to contact a skilled defense attorney immediately. Unfortunate as it may be, kids may be abused or neglected at home and if you do not know how to defend yourself as a childcare provider, you may be investigated too. A Connecticut daycare DCF investigation defense attorney can help you to gather evidence such as surveillance videos, provider notes, or statements from witnesses. To learn more about DCF investigation defense, click here.

Contact a Connecticut Office of Early Childhood DCF Investigation Attorney

If you or your daycare facility is being investigated by the DCF for suspected child abuse or neglect, begin to build your defense early with the help of a Connecticut Day Care Investigation Defense lawyer. Read our hundreds of certified 5-star reviews here, and call today to set up a consultation with a dedicated attorney at Mark Sherman Law.

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