Defending Connecticut Coaches in DCF Investigations

  • The Department of Children and Families investigates all allegations of child abuse and neglect, including allegations of a coach abusing or neglecting student athletes.
  • If you are a coach employed by a school district, your job may be in jeopardy.
  • High school and middle school coaches should always have a DCF lawyer with them during a Connecticut DCF investigation.
  • Reach out today to enlist the help of a skilled Connecticut DCF Defense lawyer if you are being investigated for child abuse or neglect.

How Does DCF Begin an Investigation into Sports or Athletic Coaches?

DCF will receive a call from either a concerned individual with no obligation to report, or a mandated reporter about allegations. For Connecticut sports and athletics coaches, a concerned individual could be a parent, another coach, or an athlete themselves. Additionally, if you are a coach through a school some teachers and school officials are mandated reporters and must report all allegations.

Can DCF Investigate Me If I Don’t Have Kids Myself?

Yes. While the Department of Children and Families often investigates parents accused of child abuse and neglect, they can also investigate anyone who is entrusted with caring for children, including coaches. If you are suspected of abusing or neglecting a child in your care under the DCF guidelines, you may face investigation by the department.

Will DCF Notify My Employer If I’m a Sports Coach Being Investigated by DCF?

Yes, if you work for a school. DCF will immediately notify your employer (see my blog: they have the right to do this) and will work quickly to begin an investigation. They will want to speak with you, observe practices or games, and try to get an idea of whether or not the allegations have merit. At the end of this investigation DCF can decide whether or not to drop the allegations. If they do not, you will be substantiated and may face recommendation for placement on the DCF Central Registry.

As a Connecticut Coach Being Investigated by DCF, How Do I Get DCF to Go Away?

Unfortunately, DCF won’t just go away. When a coach is alleged to be abusing or neglecting children, the department investigates diligently and vigorously. However, you have certain rights that it is important for you to advocate for. Any of the best Connecticut DCF investigation lawyers and attorneys can help make sure you understand those rights and know how to best assert them. To learn more about your rights, click here.

Will I Lose My Coaching Job during a DCF Investigation?

You may be suspended or put on administrative leave. When your job is to care for kids or coach them in sports, a DCF investigation could very well lead to your dismissal. If you are not active in your defense and are either substantiated as having abused or neglected children and/or are recommended for placement on the central registry, your current job and future prospects could be at risk. Knowing how to combat allegations to defend your reputation and future can be difficult, but a lawyer can help.

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Coaches in Connecticut could be investigated by DCF in connection to their own kids or their student athletes. In any situation an efficient and dedicated defense strategy could help protect your job, your reputation, and your future. Read the hundreds of certified 5-star reviews clients have left us here, and then give us a call today.

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