DCF Contacting Neighbors and Teachers in Connecticut

  • A Connecticut Department of Children & Families investigation can be overwhelming and intrusive.
  • During their 45-day investigation, DCF officers will want to talk to people who may have witnessed abuse or neglect.
  • You often have the right to restrict DCF’s contact with other people.
  • If the CT Department of Children & Families is investigating your family, call a top Connecticut DCF defense lawyer.

How Does a CT DCF Investigation Start?

Often, Connecticut Department of Children & Families Investigations start with a report to the DCF Careline, which can even be filed anonymously. Many reports come from mandated reporters, like police officers, school employees, and healthcare workers. If there is a reasonable suspicion of child abuse or neglect, DCF will typically launch an investigation into you and your family within 12 to 72 hours. To learn more about DCF investigations, click here.

How do I Know if DCF is Investigating me in Connecticut?

Typically, your first contact with the Department of Children and Families will be after its investigation has already started. An investigative social worker from DCF may call you, or even just show up at your door unannounced. Oftentimes, DCF investigations start after an arrest in relation to your child, like for risk of injury to a minor. To learn more about DCF investigations and criminal arrests, click here.

Will Connecticut DCF Interview Me?

First, they will want to speak to you and any other person living in your home. The investigator will want to ask you all of the incident and any other issues you or your family might be having. Don’t forget – nothing you say to DCF is confidential and it can be used against you by DCF or in criminal proceedings.

Will Connecticut DCF Question my Neighbors?

If allowed, many Connecticut DCF workers will want to speak to as many people as they can about you and your family, which can be both embarrassing and intrusive. However, in most cases, DCF cannot go speak to your neighbors without your permission. Often, families do not realize that they have the right to say “no” until it’s too late. If DCF shows up at your door, make sure you consult a top DCF defense attorney and understand all of your rights before speaking to them.

Will DCF Contact my Kids’ Teachers and Schools?

They can. Connecticut DCF will want to speak to each of your children’s teachers or school administrators as part of its investigation, whether it’s a full / intake investigation or a Family Assessment Response. In fact, often one of the very first things the investigator does is ask you to sign releases for your children’s schools, doctors, and dentists. What they probably won’t tell you is that you do not have to sign it. An experienced DCF lawyer can work to get DCF what they need to close out their case while helping protect your family’s privacy.

Reach out to an Experienced Team of Connecticut DCF Defense Lawyers Today

A DCF investigation into you and your family, with a stranger wanting to come into your home and speak to you, is overwhelming. Make sure that you know your rights and work with a team of attorneys who knows how to protect them. You can read our hundreds of Avvo.com certified reviews from past clients here. Then give us a call today when you learn that the Connecticut DCF may be contacting your neighbors and child’s teachers.

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