DCF Investigations Following a Greenwich Risk of Injury Arrest

Risk of Injury is often seen in connection with family violence, and as such, DCF may get involved. Police are mandatory reporters in the state of Connecticut, and they are required to report any suspected child abuse or neglect to the Department of Children and Families.

How Does a Greenwich DCF Investigation Begin after an Arrest?

DCF will then launch an investigation into the allegations. The first step of which is often to show up to the house and ask to speak with the family members. A Greenwich Risk of Injury lawyer knows that what you say to DCF can be later used against you in the criminal court, so while cooperating is good, it is imperative to be careful of how you respond to questions.

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When Will DCF Come to my House?

Once DCF has received word of Greenwich arrest for Risk of Injury, they will begin an investigation soon after. As part of their investigation, DCF investigators will show up to your house to do a walk through. They will also want to speak to the people who live with you, including your kids. This often happens unannounced, sometimes even before you know allegations have been made against you. This could lead to confusion and decisions being made without fully thinking them through.

Should I Let Investigators Into my House?

Not before you speak to an attorney. When DCF begins an investigation, they will show up to your house shortly after to do a walk through, often unannounced. When this happens, you can respectfully ask the investigator to come back after you have spoken with an attorney. Time is of the essence in doing so, for a lawyer can give you meaningful and helpful information on what to expect from an investigation and how to best respond to questions.

What is Risk of Injury to a Minor?

When the health, safety, or morals of a child are endangered or impaired, the police may charge what is known as Risk of Injury to a Minor under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53-21. The statute provides for 3 different scenarios under which an individual can be guilty of risk of injury including touching the intimate parts of a child, placing the child in a situation where their physical safety is endangered.

What are the Penalties of a Risk of Injury Arrest?

If you are convicted of Risk of Injury, either by pleading guilty or by a jury after a trial, you will most likely be convicted of a Class C felony. This serious conviction carries the potential for up to 10 years in jail, a $10,000 and a period of probation. If you have been convicted of touching the intimate parts of a minor under the age of 13, it is a Class B felony, the penalties of which are double that of a Class C felony. Further, in this situation, 5 years of the sentence is mandatory, which means it cannot be suspended.

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