Darien DCF Investigations After A Risk of Injury to a Minor Arrest

  • Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) investigates allegations of child abuse and neglect all over Connecticut, including Darien.
  • After an arrest for Risk of Injury to a Minor under Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) §53-21, you may face investigation by DCF.
  • DCF investigations are separate from criminal prosecutions and carry their own risks and penalties.
  • If you’ve been arrested for risk of injury to a minor, let a lawyer guide you through the process.

Will DCF Get Involved After a Risk of Injury Arrest?

It is very likely that DCF will get involved after a risk of injury arrest because police are mandated reporters. That means that they are obligated by law to report suspected child abuse or neglect. This means that within days of your arrest, DCF may show up at your door asking to come in. You do not have to let them in before speaking to a lawyer! To learn more about your rights in a DCF investigation, click here.

Will DCF Go Away If My Criminal Case Gets Dropped?

Not necessarily. DCF is looking for different things than the criminal court. So even if the prosecutor cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed risk of injury to a minor, DCF may find enough evidence to substantiate you for child abuse or neglect. While having your criminal case dismissed definitely helps, the only way to get DCF to go away is to diligently defend you and your family. That’s where a lawyer can help.

Why Was I Arrested for Risk of Injury if I Didn’t Hurt My Kid?

You do not need to have physically harmed your child for police to arrest you for risk of injury under CGS §53-21. This charge is often seen in connection with other crimes, like domestic violence, gun crimes, and drug crimes because it is an offense simply to place a child in a situation where their health or morals are likely to be impaired. This broad prohibition can lead to an arrest under vague allegations. To learn more about domestic violence arrests and how that indication changes a crime, click here.

How Can I Fight a Risk of Injury Arrest?

Any top attorney in Darien, Connecticut will tell you that mounting a strong defense against any criminal charge you face is highly important. Moving quickly to gather evidence like texts, photos, surveillance footage, and witness statements is important because this kind of information can disappear quickly. An attorney can help analyze the evidence the state claims to have against you and explain your best options for defense.

Can I Go to Jail for a Connecticut Risk of Injury Arrest?

Getting your Risk of Injury charge dropped is priority number one to protect your future. This crime is often a C felony, however if the allegations involve touching the intimate parts of a child under 16 it is elevated to a B felony. You can face lengthy jail time, a hefty fine, a period of probation, and potentially even registration as a sex offender if you are convicted.

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