Rights During a Connecticut DCF Investigation

Has DCF shown up at your door unannounced? Do you want to cooperate with them? The help of an experienced Connecticut DCF investigation attorney can be instrumental in informing you of your rights while helping you work with Connecticut DCF towards a positive resolution of your case.

What are My Rights When DCF Shows Up at My Door?

Oftentimes, DCF will show up for the first time unannounced. After receiving allegations from the police, from the anonymous tip hotline, or from a mandated reporter DCF begins an investigation very early on. When DCF comes to you, you have the right to ask them to come back so that you can find a lawyer. Further, once DCF is inside and talking to your family, you have a right to remain silent. DCF may not advise families of this right, which could lead to information being shared that could later come back to bite the parents during a neglect petition or substantiation finding.

Do I Have to Let DCF Talk to My Kids?

No. You do not need to allow DCF to speak to your children. However, if you do not allow DCF to speak to your children, this could raise a red flag. Having a DCF attorney to consult with can be instrumental in making the decision whether or not to allow DCF to speak to your children and how to best protect your rights.

How Can a Lawyer Help During an Investigation?

A lawyer can help in many ways during the DCF investigation process. When DCF first comes to your house, you can ask to reschedule until you can speak to a lawyer. At that point a lawyer can help you answer DCF’s questions in a way that is helpful but not unnecessarily revealing. Further, they can be there to explain the rights you have that DCF will not necessarily inform you of.

What Are My Options After a DCF Investigation?

If your case proceeds and allegations are substantiated, an attorney can help you to appeal those findings in an effort to keep your name clear. During an appeal hearing, gathering evidence and witnesses quickly and efficiently is important and an attorney can help you to do so. If you have already had allegations substantiated against you and are looking to appeal to learn more about DCF appeals, click here.

Does DCF Have to Tell Me Who Made a Report Against Me?

No. The Department of Children & Families accepts anonymous reports and can still launch an investigation. While you may be able to figure out who made the report based on other information, DCF does not have to confirm the identity of the caller.

Can I Have an Attorney During a DCF Investigation?

Yes, and you should speak to an attorney before you ever speak with DCF. If DCF shows up unannounced, you can tell the social worker that you want to speak to an attorney first. Then, call any of the best DCF attorneys before communicating any further with them. Know that the State of Connecticut does not provide you with an attorney for DCF investigations, but you can hire an attorney of your choice.

Do I Have to Sign Releases for DCF?

Not necessarily. DCF will want to make sure that your kids are receiving age-appropriate medical, dental, and educational care. What DCF won’t tell you is that instead of you signing a release – and giving DCF full freedom to speak with your child’s providers and teachers – you can often get the information for them and prevent potential inquiries into your family’s personal life.

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