Talking to DCF Investigators in Stamford

Interacting with Department of Children and Families investigators during a Stamford, Connecticut investigation can prove to be helpful to resolving your case, if you know how to properly interact. Help from a skilled Stamford DCF Investigation lawyer can put you on the right track to defending your family.

Do I Have to Let Them in?

When DCF shows up, you can respectfully ask them to come back once you have had the opportunity to talk to a lawyer. While they will likely push back and try to get you to let them in right then and there, it is important to assert this right. A DCF lawyer can help you to best understand what to expect from DCF visits, how to best respond to questions, and how to cooperate while not sacrificing any of your family’s rights.

Can I Have a Lawyer with Me?

Yes. A DCF attorney can be by you and your kids’ side during home visits. This can be extremely helpful if DCF asks a question you were not expecting or if they want you to sign a service agreement. These “safety plans”, while often well intentioned, are legally binding contracts. Signing one without having a lawyer look it over and negotiate it can be a recipe for disaster. Violation of a service agreement is a breach of contract and can lead to even more consequences than you are already facing.

Follow this link to learn more on how to say “no” to DCF investigators in Stamford.

Having a lawyer by your side can avoid this, while making sure you are being as cooperative as possible to work towards a positive resolution of your case. DCF investigations typically last 45 days. While at first glance this seems like a long time, an attorney by your side can work tirelessly to advocate for your rights and what is best for your family so that at the end of those 45 days, allegations are dismissed.

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You do not need to go about a DCF investigation alone. Help from a lawyer can help from the very beginning. It is important to cooperate, but it is paramount to protect you and your family’s rights. Hundreds of our former clients have posted certified 5-star reviews. To learn more about talking to DCF investigators in Stamford, call Mark Sherman Law today.

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