Defending a Stamford DCF Case

  • The Department of Children and Families can take your child from your home if you’re deemed to be an imminent threat.
  • DCF can motion the juvenile court for an order temporary custody of your child.
  • A DCF motion for Temporary Custody of your child means your child can be removed from your home.
  • Contact an experienced attorney before your juvenile court date.

Can DCF Take My Children Away in Stamford?

The Department of Children and Families has the almost unfettered right to remove your children from your home for up to 96 hours, without a court order. If DCF believes your child is in an imminent risk of physical harm they will remove your child before even asking the court for permission. After your child is removed from your care, DCF can file a motion for an Order of Temporary Custody in the juvenile court. The juvenile court will decide if your child should remain in your care or if custody should be transferred to a relative or to the State. Follow this link to read more about defending Stamford DCF cases.

How Long Does a Temporary Custody Agreement Last?

When you go to court following an Order of Temporary Custody, you will be faced with options. You can challenge the court order at a hearing or you can negotiate with the court and DCF regarding custody of your child. If you decide to enter an agreement with DCF regarding custody, beware that this agreement can alter your parental and custodial rights for months-meaning, you may not be able to see your child while your case is pending or until you do exactly what DCF asks of you. Contact an experienced Stamford DCF attorney before agreeing to any orders of temporary custody to protect yourself from forfeiting your parental rights.

How Do I Get Custody of my Child Following a Order Of Temporary Custody?

Often times, DCF will provide a list of Specific Steps-or demands you need to meet to gain custody of your child following a court Order of Temporary Custody. These steps are usually provided during a DCF investigation, and can be ordered by a judge if your case makes it to juvenile court. Most parents feel powerless battling DCF in court, and fail to realize that they need to accept each Specific Step proposed by DCF. Stamford DCF attorneys know that these steps are typically generic and not tailored to each individual case, making it difficult for parents to accomplish the goal of getting their child back. Learn how you can negotiate specific steps in your case and continue to parent your child while still working with DCF.

Do I Need A DCF Attorney?

Hiring a DCF attorney or going it alone can mean the difference between having your child in your care or placed out of your home by DCF and the court. An experienced DCF attorney will be able to gather the facts of your case and advocate for you to the court. Your attorney will also be able to educate you and advise you on exactly what needs to be done in your case to get your child back in your care and DCF out of your life.

Call to Learn More About Defending a Stamford DCF Case

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