Defending Against a DCF Investigation in Ridgefield

    • If you are accused of child abuse or neglect in Ridgefield, you will be contacted by DCF for an investigation.
    • Ridgefield DCF Investigations usually begin when a case worker shows up at your home unannounced.
  • Letting DCF into your home without speaking to an attorney can sometimes cause more harm than good.
  • Click here to read more on how an attorney can assist you during this process and contact an experienced Connecticut DCF defense attorney before speaking to DCF.

Can DCF Show up Unannounced?

Yes. That’s when they like to show up, catching you and your family off guard and the most vulnerable form. Don’t let DCF catch you off guard—DCF can show up at your home unannounced but you still have the right to legal representation during the investigation process. So tell them politely to come back later in the day after you’ve had a chance to call a top Connecticut DCF investigation lawyer. They will push back, but will agree.

What Should I Do if DCF Shows up at my Door?

If DCF shows up at your door unannounced remember you do not need to let them inside or speak to them without first speaking to an attorney. These DCF agents are coming from the Danbury DCF headquarters so they can easily come back later. If DCF calls you or comes to your home, you have the right to ask what allegations have been made against you and reschedule the visit for a later time.

What Does DCF Look for during a Home Visit?

When DCF visits your home during the initial stages of an investigation, the case worker will look around your home to make sure your child is not exposed to anything dangerous. DCF will also interview your child—without you present—to learn if your child feels safe in the home or has witnessed dangerous or neglectful behavior.

Why is DCF Showing Up at My House?

If you’ve been falsely accused of child abuse or neglect in Ridgefield Connecticut, and DCF deems the allegation to be credible, DCF has 72 hours to launch an investigation. Depending on the allegations, DCF may show up at your home unannounced to check on the welfare of your child. Often times, this visit is the first time a parent learns of allegations made against them.

How Long Does DCF Have to Investigate a Case in Connecticut?

Once a DCF investigation begins, the department has 45 days to either substantiate or un-substantiate abuse or neglect against you. If DCF substantiates abuse against you, there is a chance that the department will file a Neglect Petition or an Order for Custody of your child in juvenile court.

How Do I Fight a Ridgefield DCF Neglect Petition?

Appealing a Neglect Petition is a lengthy process that can lead to DCF involvement and supervision of your family for months. Contact an attorney to learn more about how you can challenge your DCF neglect petition.

What Happens During a DCF Investigation?

DCF screens all reports of abuse or neglect to determine if an investigation should be launched. If DCF chooses to investigate an allegation, the department will launch a Family Assessment Response or a Full Investigation. Which investigation DCF launches against you depends on the severity of the allegations. Click here to read more about hiring a Connecticut DCF investigations attorney.

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Defending yourself against a DCF investigation in Ridgefield when you face allegations of child abuse or neglect can be a lengthy and stressful process that can result in a long battle with DCF and even court intervention. Contact the experienced DCF defense attorneys at Mark Sherman Law today to learn more about your options. Read certified reviews on from prior satisfied DCF clients here.

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