DCF Ongoing Services Case in Connecticut

  • Connecticut DCF will launch an investigation into any report of child abuse or neglect.
  • DCF investigations can last much longer than the initial 45-day period.
  • DCF has the power to convert your DCF case to “ongoing services” even after the investigation ends.
  • Ongoing services cases in Connecticut can last for over 6 months.
  • Contact a top DCF defense attorney to understand your rights and how you can opt out of DCF ongoing services.

Why Was My DCF Case Referred to Ongoing Services?

DCF refers cases to Ongoing Services when they feel your children are still at risk of abuse or neglect after the completion of an investigation. DCF investigators will refer to a confusing “transfer” of your case and expect you to sign a service agreement of safety plan. Don’t sign anything until you’ve spoken with a top Connecticut DCF attorney lawyer.

Do I Have to Accept Connecticut DCF Ongoing Services?

Parents often fail to realize that they do not need to accept ongoing services suggested by DCF. Sometimes caseworkers will threaten parents with court intervention if ongoing services are not accepted. DCF fails to advise parents that these services can be negotiated and are not set in stone. Accepting ongoing services can lead to continued DCF involvement with your family and potential liability for failing to comply with all of DCF’s demands.

When Will DCF Stop Coming to my Home?

DCF has 45 days to conduct an investigation into the reports of child abuse or neglect, and then most close their case. During those 45 days, DCF will visit your family once a week to check on your children. If DCF substantiates abuse or neglect they will often refer your case for ongoing services, in which case they will continue to visit your home weekly to monitor your family. Click here for more on fighting a DCF case in Connecticut.

What Kind of Power Does DCF Have if I Don’t Do Ongoing Services?

If the Department of Children and Families launches an investigation into a report of suspected child abuse or neglect, a social worker will come to your home to interview you and your children. If DCF determines that your children are in immediate danger, they can legally take your children from your home and seek a court order for custody. If DCF launches an investigation against you, the case worker can come to your home weekly and foist services on you and your family.

Can DCF Take my Kids away if I Don’t Comply?

DCF can take your children from your home without a court order if they believe your children are in risk of imminent danger. DCF can also petition a court for an Order of Temporary Custody of your children, until you comply with services or a safety plan. If DCF files a petition for an Order of Temporary Custody, a Neglect Petition will also be filed against you. Parental custody cannot be terminated by DCF until a Judge rules on your case. Contact a DCF attorney to represent you in your hearing to avoid losing parental rights.

Do I Have to Sign a DCF Safety Plan?

If you sign a DCF safety plan you are entering a legally binding contract with DCF, agreeing to comply with DCF’s wishes and accept services in your case. Even though you do not need to agree to a DCF safety plan, many parents will enter an agreement under duress. Any of the best DCF attorneys know how to negotiate plans and agreements with DCF and can help you push back while maintaining your parental rights. Click here for more on rejecting DCF safety plans.

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