What to Expect at a DCF Neglect Petition Hearing in Norwalk

  • The Department of Children and Families may file a Neglect Petition at the conclusion of an investigation.
  • You have the right to an attorney at this juvenile court proceeding.
  • This neglect petition is seeking in part to determine if your child has or has not been abused or neglected.
  • So, if you are being investigated by DCF or have gotten notice of a Neglect Petition, contact a top Norwalk DCF defense attorney now.

Why was a Neglect Petition Filed Against Me?

The Department of Children and Families may file a neglect petition if they think that a child should be adjudicated abused or neglected. Before going to the court for intervention, DCF will investigate allegations. This investigation typically lasts 45 days and may end without any need for Superior Court intervention. To learn more about DCF investigations, click here.

How Will I Know a Neglect Petition Was Filed Against Me?

After deciding to file a neglect petition, you will be served with the petition and a summons calling you into juvenile court. The petition is a form that will spell out the grounds for the petition, a summary of the facts, and the names of the parties involved. Upon receiving this petition and summons you have a certain amount of time to answer. Any top DCF defense attorney in Connecticut would advise you pay close attention to these windows of time to make sure you do not miss out. Advice from an attorney who has dealt with these kinds of cases before can be helpful to making sure you do not miss a deadline.

Who is Involved in a Neglect Petition?

Once DCF decides to file a petition with the Superior Court, there are many parties involved. DCF will be represented not only by their investigators, but by an Assistant Attorney General, these are the petitioners. The juvenile judge acts as the nonbiased decision maker. You will have the opportunity to get legal representation as well, either court appointed if you are indigent or privately hired. You are known as the respondent. Lastly, your child has the right to be represented by a lawyer too.

How can I Prepare for a Neglect Petition in Norwalk, Connecticut?

Preparation is key for many things in life and defending a neglect petition is no different. Early intervention, even before a petition is filed is suggested. Beginning to assert your rights and defend against allegations during an initial DCF investigation could change the course of your case dramatically. If you can show DCF early on that there is no real evidence of the abuse or neglect, they may decide to dismiss the case without any court involvement.

If you’ve been called into court, there is still work you can do to help secure a successful outcome. Gathering evidence like statements from witnesses, witnesses who are willing to testify, medical records, and text messages to name a few can be helpful in combatting allegations. A Norwalk DCF defense lawyer who has defended against neglect petitions in the past can help you form the best course of action for your specific case.

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