Talking to DCF Investigators in Rowayton

Interacting with representatives of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (“DCF”) can be unnerving regardless of the circumstances under which that interaction happens. While the priority of DCF investigators and the Department as a whole is to protect children and not to harass families and individuals, the DCF also has a great deal of authority under state law to look into allegations of abuse or neglect and potentially petition a court for significant punitive action.

If you are currently under investigation by the DCF or believe you may soon be placed under investigation, your number-one priority should be contacting a seasoned DCF defense lawyer who can help you handle the investigative process in a proactive and effective way. With that said, here are some key things to keep in mind while talking to DCF investigators in Rowayton, whether you have legal counsel on your side or not.

Remember Your Rights

One very important thing to remember about DCF investigations is that they are not the same as criminal investigations, even if they initially arise from a criminal charge being filed against you for an alleged act of family violence. Accordingly, you are not required by law to speak with DCF investigators in Rowayton, let your children speak to them, or sign anything they present, and you always have the right to get legal representation before doing any of those things.

Remember That You Are Always on the Record

Nothing you say to DCF is confidential, it can all be used against you in a finding of substantiation or in an appeal later on. It is best to interact with DCF assuming everything is being recorded. A defense lawyer can help with how to best answer questions in a truthful way that cannot be taken of of context.

Try to Stay Calm No Matter What

Understandably, interacting with Rowayton DCF investigators can be immensely frustrating, especially if this is your first time being accused of criminal wrongdoing or mistreatment of your children of any kind. That said, it is absolutely vital to remain as calm and collected as possible during every conversation—formal or informal—that you have with DCF investigators, as well as with other family members and friends who may later be interviewed by the DCF as part of their investigation.

Be Cooperative but Not Generous

In general, you should try to approach a DCF investigation with the attitude that the investigators are just trying to figure out the truth, and you should always be truthful in responses you give them to questions asked during interviews and in all other contexts. That does not, however, mean you should volunteer information that the DCF has not explicitly asked for, or that you should answer questions off the cuff without first consulting with legal counsel whenever possible.

Contact a Rowayton Attorney Before Talking to DCF Investigators

The DCF opening an investigation into you certainly does not guarantee that a court is about to take your children away, or even that you are about to face any disciplinary action whatsoever. If you are not careful when talking to DCF investigators in Rowayton, though, you may find yourself inadvertently encouraging them to “substantiate” the allegations against you and potentially file a neglect petition.

Assistance is available through every step of a DCF investigation from a capable and dependable DCF defense lawyer. Call today to speak with a member of our team here at Mark Sherman Law, or read some of the reviews left on our Avvo profile by former clients by clicking here.

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