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The Department of Children and Families, also known as DCF, is the organization in Connecticut charged with protecting the welfare and safety of children. If investigators show up at your door, a top Westport DCF investigation lawyer can help you protect your rights, and advocate for a positive resolution of your case.

Will the Westport Cops Call DCF?

If Westport or Weston police are called to a report of domestic violence and kids are in the home, they may be required under law to call DCF. Police are mandated reporters which means that they themselves can be arrested if they do not report instances where they believe a child may be being abused or neglected.

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Can DCF or Westport Police Charge me with Risk of Injury / Child Endangerment during a DCF Investigation?

Yes the Westport police can. Risk of injury to a minor under Connecticut General Statutes (“C.G.S.”) § 53a-21 is a charge commonly seen by the bets Westport criminal defense attorneys in the domestic violence arena. Domestic violence is any crime between family or household members, so when a parent conducts themselves in a manner that causes a child to be placed in a situation where their physical or moral health is at risk, the police can charge Risk of Injury.

What Does Substantiation Mean in a Westport DCF Investigation?

The standard for substantiating child abuse or neglect is much lower than the criminal burden of beyond a reasonable doubt, however, it is important to fight both the criminal charges and the DCF allegations to keep your record clean and your family intact. A top Westport DCF attorney can help with both.

Is Disciplining or Spanking my Kids Child Abuse?

No, unless you leave a mark or bruise; however, DCF strongly discourages physical discipline so be sure to speak with your lawyer before admitting to physical discipline.

As parents, you have a right to raise your child as you see fit. When your child goes to school or the doctors, if they have any unexplained bruises or marks, it may be grounds for the teacher or doctor to call DCF. It is important to understand that spanking or hitting your child as a form of discipline is not automatically criminal, provided you do not hit the child hard enough to cause a bruise.

Can I Get Arrested for Hitting My Kids in Connecticut?

Possibly. Just because it may not be illegal does not mean that DCF won’t get involved. What your kids say can lead a person to call DCF for suspected child abuse or neglect. A Norwalk DCF lawyer can help gather evidence and communicate with DCF to show that you did not in fact abuse your child.

Should I Cooperate with Connecticut DCF Investigators?

Usually, yes, but with your lawyer present. When DCF shows up at your door, it is normal to want to cooperate and answer all of their questions. While being friendly and respectful is important, it can be ill advised to cooperate without any consideration. As all Westport DCF attorneys know, anything you say to investigators can be later used against you. Things can be taken out of context, things can be misunderstood, and this can mean more headaches for you down the road.

Should I Let DCF Into My Home in Connecticut?

Not initially. You can ask DCF to come back at a later time after you have had the opportunity to talk with a lawyer. A lawyer can help you think through your responses to DCF and can help you avoid saying anything that could later be taken out of context.

Hiring a Connecticut DCF Attorney

If you are being investigated for suspected child abuse or neglect, hiring a Westport DCF investigation lawyer can be the first step to getting your case dismissed. Check out our certified reviews on avvo.com from past clients and call Mark Sherman Law to learn more about how a lawyer can help in your specific case. We are available 24/7.

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